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Raising funds for: 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Macarthur – 2022
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Welcome to Team Blackbird. 💚🧡
This year our little family was unfortunate to lose our beloved “Uncle Joey” to cancer at the young age of 37.
Not long afterwards, I (Tammy) was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 with a 9 month old baby, 4 yr old and 9 yr old at the time. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy at Macarthur Cancer Therapy Unit.
“Blackbird” is the song I picked for Joe and is a song that reminds me of him. He was a nurse and always mending people. There is also a great beat bugs song and film clip on YouTube by Sia if you’d like to check it out.

I look forward to fundraising with you all and hope team blackbird can be a way for us all to give back to the local community or for you to walk for someone you love touched by this unforgiving disease. Thank you to all my friends, colleagues, family, friends of friends and so on for joining us.

The 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Macarthur is an annual  fundraising movement that exists to provide the Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre, the Oncology Ward and the Paediatric Ambulatory Care Unit at Campbelltown Hospital and the Palliative Care Unit and associated Outreach service at Camden Hospital with the extra services and equipment they need to assist in the treatment, care and comfort of children and adults dealing with cancer.
All money raised stays in Macarthur – Totally Volunteer Committee – Expenses covered by Local Businesses and Service Clubs

Team Members

  1. Tammy McDonogh
    $160.00 raised
  2. Cheryl De farria
    $105.00 raised
  3. Liana Bonner
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  4. Blake Cummings
    $85.00 raised
  5. Nino Deleo
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  6. Casey de Farria
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  7. Kane de Farria
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  8. Alwyne Lambert
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  9. Nino Deleo
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  10. Mitchell Ristuccia
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  11. Laura Cousins
    $150.00 raised
  12. Aqua Chinyani
    $25.00 raised
  13. Rebecca Cordina
    $0.00 raised
  14. Daniel Smith
    $0.00 raised
  15. Emily Onizawa
    $440.00 raised
  16. Ty de Farria
    $60.00 raised
  17. Kristine Lambert
    $20.00 raised
  18. Ben McDonogh
    $100.00 raised
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  20. Megan Prince
    $95.00 raised
  21. Blaine Farrugia
    $60.00 raised
  22. Simone Murphy
    $40.00 raised
  23. Daniel Smith
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  24. Keith Cousins
    $100.00 raised