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Welcome to Team Blackbird!
Team Blackbird was inspired by the loss of my brother in law, Joe. He lost his battle to cancer at the age of 37, the same year I started my battle at the age of 35. Blackbird was the song I picked for his funeral mainly because he was a great Uncle to my kids, and they loved the Blackbird episode of Beat Bugs. It reminded me of him. As a nurse, he often helped people to “take their broken wings and learn to fly”.
In true Joe fashion though, he is (because he never truly leaves us) all about helping others and evolving. Team Blackbird had to come back because there are more people to help.
This year, on the forefront of my mind, is my dear friend Mike who lost his dad to cancer this year. Team Blackbird needs to keep going. You never know when cancer will touch you, and the truth is you never think it will. I always thought cancer was something that happened to other people. In honor of Michael “Tuck”, Team Blackbird is coming back to support a very very worthwhile charity.
The 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Macarthur is an annual  fundraising movement that exists to provide the Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre, the Oncology Ward and the Paediatric Ambulatory Care Unit at Campbelltown Hospital and the Palliative Care Unit and associated Outreach service at Camden Hospital with the extra services and equipment they need to assist in the treatment, care and comfort of children and adults dealing with cancer.
Honestly, paying for parking alone is a massive help for those sick, needing a close car space and can’t afford weekly/daily hospital parking bills on top of their health bills. We are fortunate in Australia but Cancer is in no way free. It is a huge financial burden for those suffering it on top of the mental and physical toll it takes.  Thank you to the 24hr fight for supporting us locals.
All money raised stays in Macarthur – Totally Volunteer Committee – Expenses covered by Local Businesses and Service Clubs

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